Rick Jory

After a career in the business world, Dr. Rick Jory obtained his MA-Biblical Studies degree from Denver Seminary and his D.Min. degree from Knox Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing a D.Ed.Min. degree at Dallas Theological Seminary with expected completion during 2020. Dr. Jory is on the teaching staff at “Master’s Theological Institute” in Vietnam and participates in various preaching and teaching assignments during his visits to Vietnam.

Jane Streeb

Mrs. Jane Streeb spent many years working with both public and private companies in data analysis, financial records, and administrative operations.   Her most recent roles were serving in a China Christian organization as both the Director of Finance and Director of Partner Relations, where she enjoyed learning about the operations of a small ministry, its donors and supporters, and the culture and changing needs of the people the ministry served. 

With a BS degree in both Marketing and International Business from the University of Colorado, her interest in other parts of the world started many years ago, and has been enhanced by travels to new places both close and far away.  It is her hope to assist with Friends of Vietnam in new ways, sharing both her faith and her talents provided by God.  


Tom McGee brings a diverse background to our team. He worked in public education as an elementary school teacher and a high school administrator for fourteen years. Tom left education in order to serve in a capacity as a Small Group Shepherd for a large church. In this role, he supported over 300 small group leaders. After almost six years of service to this large church, Tom accepted the offer to start a new church as the Associate Pastor.

Tom completed his Bachelor of Arts in Management of Human Resources and a second degree in Elementary Education at Colorado Christian University. He later completed his Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction at Colorado Christian University.

Bill Jackson Photo.jpg

Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson, Director:  Bill graduated from Colgate University with a BA in Geology in 1984.  He began his career in the bond business working as a municipal bond trader for Boettcher & Co.  After nearly a decade of trading bonds, Bill began working as a fixed income portfolio manager at Wells Fargo Bank during which time he earned his CFA charter.  In 2007, Bill joined Bear Creek Asset Management, LLC as a Managing Director.  Bill’s focus remains on managing fixed income portfolios for corporations, families and foundations.

Bill has been married to his wife Kimberle for 31 years, and they have 3 daughters.  They are members of Mission Hills Church in Littleton, CO.

Y Nguyen.jpg

Y Nguyen

Nguyen has a bachelor of science degree in international relations and has worked as a senior communications executive in a British life assurance company and as an executive assistant with Sparton-Vietnam, a subsidiary of Sparton Electronics (with headquarters in Illinois). She has grown up in the Christian church movement in Vietnam, with active involvement in numerous church activities. She completed two courses in Bible training at Binh Duong Church and helped to lead the 2011 “Way to Success” program. She held a group leader position in the youth band from 2010 to 2013, was Secretary of the Lai Thieu Church Children Ministry Program from 2014 to 2015, and most recently she was elected to be one of twelve deacons at this church. From 2016-2017 she has been assigned to head the Children’s Ministry program. Ms. Y provides translations for the courses we teach in Vietnam, and has been instrumental in coordinating the scholarship program for young Vietnamese to attend the Bible college in Ho Chi Minh City.